100 Topics for an argumentative essay

The following list presents a large number of possible topics for an argumentative essay. They are divided by categories, for example, a topic such as the importance of a healthy diet is included in the health section.

To know more about the tests, we recommend additional readings about their characteristics, their parts, and some brief examples.

List of topics for argumentative essays

Health issues

Reasons why children do not consume energy drinks
Recommendations for exercising in the gym
The problem of obesity in children
Exercising outdoors or in the gym
Health Effects of Internet Abuse
The tobacco.

The alcohol. Consequences of youth abuse
Work from home. Pros and cons
The problem of children living in enclosures
The abuse of video games
The problem of school-age pregnancies
The problem of the Ebola epidemic in Africa
The problem of AIDS in Africa
The dengue problem in Latin American countries

Themes of the environment

Animals in danger of extinction
Effects of environmental pollution on flora and fauna
Excessive noise in cities
The use of agrochemicals in the fields
The role of developed countries in reducing environmental pollution
Nuclear plants
The importance of generating energy with the least impact on the environment
The importance of avoiding water pollution
The deterioration of ozone and its consequences
Global warming

Social and topical issues

Immigration. How to regulate and at the same time respect the rights of immigrants
The increase in juvenile delinquency
The problem of working children on the streets
The struggle of feminism in the nineteenth century
Negative effects of the globalization of the “Yankee” culture
The Middle East conflict
The policy for immigrants in the United States
Drug legalization.

Would it be effective?
The problem of abortion
The fashion of youtubers
The problem of children and young people and cell phones
Relations between the United States and China
Relations between the United States and Russia
The conflict in Ukraine
The problem of machismo in Mexico
Privacy on Facebook
The Wikileaks scandal
Secret accounts in Switzerland
Islamic extremists
The role of the United Nations in reducing poverty in Latin America
Education, art and culture topics
How to educate children in the internet age
The importance of e-books in school
The importance of using computers in school
The use of mobile phones in classrooms
The role of the teacher in the new era of education
The use of suitable films as a tool of formation in values
Influence of celebrities on youthful thinking

Technology topics

Influence of the internet on education.
Importance of new technologies in the management of a company
Social networks as a basis for business expansion
The use of robots in the future as an assistant in everyday tasks

Economy issues

The need to reduce export taxes
Tax havens.
The need to promote the creation of small enterprises in young people
The Importance of Budget Planning for Household Support

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