How to format an essay with the MLA style

You’ve been assigned a trial or a research report and you’ve worked hard to do it. You want to get a good grade. Unfortunately, your rating does not depend only on the content you wrote. The difference between an “A” and a “B” may be in something as small as an error in the format. The following steps clearly detail the MLA format for research reports and essays that will help ensure you get the grade you deserve.

It uses a font size of 12 points and a normal font like Times Roman. Using an exotic font is a surefire way to get a lower grade.

Sets the top, bottom, right, and left margins of the page by one inch.

Leave a bleed equal to five spaces in the first word of each paragraph. For appointments, leave a indentation of ten spaces.

Write, in the order specified, on the top left of your sheet, above and next to the margin: the name, the teacher [last name], the department and course number and the date, one immediately below the other. The date should be written in the format day, name and year. For example, July 4, 1776. Leave double spaces between each of the data.

Leave a double space again and center the title of your writing in common letter. Do not use italics, bold letters or all capitals to write the title. Only use underlining if the title includes words that you would underline in essay text, such as the title of a book or a movie.

Leave double spaces in your essay. Only use a space after the points unless your instructor gives you a different instruction.

Note that page numbers should be in the upper right corner, preceded by your name.

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