How to Write an Effective Thesis Statement in Three Simple Steps

An academic essay needs a thesis statement to make sense and achieve consistency. A thesis is a sentence in the introduction that allows the reader to know exactly what you will write or what you will argue. If the thesis statement says your exact position, the rest of the essay should tell the reader why you think that way. It is important not to be too general, since you will not have enough space to cover all its possible aspects. At the same time, a thesis can not be very specific because you will not have the necessary arguments to discuss properly in your essay.


Make sure you are clear what exactly the task asks you to do. If you are not writing for a task, ask yourself a question about what you would like to write, such as “What were the social, economic, and personal factors that influenced my decision to go to college?”


Answer the question. For example, one answer might be: “The factors that guided my decision to go to college were my family’s long university background, my position in the upper middle class, and my desire to be an engineer.”


Examine your thesis statement to make sure it is not too broad or too general. It includes only enough information to guide the form of your essay without conditioning it too much. Also, check the grammar and make sure it fits all the requirements of the task. For example, is it permissible to declare a personal opinion? Is it allowed to use the voice in first person during your essay? Is the purpose of your essay to inform, persuade, entertain, reflect or perhaps something else?

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