Ideas for a Thesis on Domestic Violence

The thesis or main idea concentrates the objective or argument of the essay or research report of the writer in a sentence or paragraph. It can also be used to outline the following sections of the work on domestic violence. You should collect information on domestic violence and define how you want to organize it before you formulate your thesis. Ask your teacher or teacher if you have problems formulating your thesis or main idea.

Create a thesis on domestic violence that was assigned
If you have been assigned a work on domestic violence, consider the task specifications to formulate your thesis. For example, if the assigned topic was “Write a report explaining the benefits of women’s shelters,” ask yourself, “What are the benefits of women’s shelters?” The question can help you shape the thesis, for example: “The benefits of women’s shelters are …” or “Women’s shelters allow battered women to escape physical abuse and psychological counseling.”

Formulate a thesis on domestic violence for an unassigned project
Determine the main idea of ​​the work. Examples of domestic violence theses may include “Couples involved in domestic violence should receive marriage counseling to alleviate the conflict” or “Domestic violence spouses should receive education to reduce abusive behavior against the partner.” Another example of a thesis may be “Addressing alcohol addiction will greatly reduce episodes of domestic violence.” Provide facts that explain and support your thesis at work.

Avoid formulating a poor thesis
The thesis should not simply be an observational or biased sentence such as “Domestic abuse causes pain” or “I do not like domestic violence.” A thesis usually includes your position on the topic and expresses a main idea. The thesis is usually a sentence that, at least, is controversial.

Analytical and expository thesis
An expository work explains a topic and an analytical work analyzes the parts of a theme. The analytical thesis on domestic violence can be “An analysis of statistics on domestic abuse reveals two main factors that cause such violence: financial problems and alcohol addiction.” An expository thesis may suggest, “The domestic abuser usually reacts against his wife with anger, violence, and explosive jealousy.” Ask your teacher about the thesis style he prefers for the papers.

Argumentative thesis
An argumentative thesis establishes a position on the subject and explains this position to the audience. An example of an argumentative thesis may state, “Victims of domestic violence should be given therapy and education to improve their self-esteem and relieve depression, which helps the victim avoid domestic violence situations in the future.” From now on, your work should provide evidence to support the thesis.

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